16 April, 2012

07 March, 2011

17 August, 2010

09 April, 2010

29 March, 2010

Oil Painting

I tried myself to real oil painting. Goodbye Photoshop, hello brushes!!

24 January, 2010

A Chef and a Pipa player...

16 July, 2009

13 June, 2009


I just discover a big pad of Post-it in a drawer.... :)

14 May, 2009


The friend Denis, a little lost in India.... :)

29 January, 2009

Before after

"Before and After"
I noticed that in Singapore last Week End... :)

21 November, 2008


Winter is coming!!

18 November, 2008

to to shop shop

Trying toshop on the banana bread....

23 October, 2008

draw draw...

A few doodles drawn at work... random sketches.

06 September, 2008

Demoreel 2007

My demoreel from 2007, my 2nd and 3rd years at Gobelins.
Mix of 2D and 3D.

Sorry for the quality...
All characters are "Copyright" of their owners...

27 June, 2008

Last scribbles in SF

Frogs and crocodiles...

30 May, 2008


....time at PDI. Well, having a break should I say :)

25 May, 2008

Canal J "Duel à sunny town"...

Short movie directed between February and March 2006, all by myself, for a french TV channel contest.
This was such a good experience! I learned how not to sleep for a month :)

08 May, 2008


Waiting for recalcs...

09 April, 2008

07 January, 2008

Ian Curtis

Inspired by this wonderful movie "Control", about Ian Curtis and his band "Joy Division". Directed by Anton Corbijn.

29 December, 2007

The dog

Taiga, the family dog, sleeping and waiting for her master (my sister) to come back...

27 November, 2007

DR sketches

Random snakes and a girl seen at Starbucks (I won't tell you which one ;) )

14 November, 2007

Fluffy panda

Early days at Dreamworks...
And no scanner.... (sorry for the quality)

04 July, 2007


Graduated ! Here it is, the end of 3 years of Character animation at Gobelins...

Bonus: Stills from my graduation short : "OKTAPODI" co-directed with FX Chanioux, Olivier Delabarre, Thierry Marchand, Quentin Marmier and Emud Mokhberi .

OKTAPODI official website : www.oktapodi.com
Visit the gobelins website: http://www.gobelins.fr/galerie/animation

19 January, 2007

Inside !

Color and lighting again...

15 January, 2007

Light studies

Still working on the octopus movie...

11 January, 2007

15 December, 2006


Still looking for a winner...

27 November, 2006

21 November, 2006

In technicolor

The first color research for the poulp movie... At last, the production begins !!!

15 November, 2006

Thanks to Agnes for the Blues brothers idea...