14 November, 2007

Fluffy panda

Early days at Dreamworks...
And no scanner.... (sorry for the quality)


Evan Bonifacio said...

Sweet drawings man! (and your 3d renders are beau-ti-full)

Im currently in my final year at sheridan college in canada and im always amazed at the quality of work that comes out of Gobelins, and europe in general.

Im curious if I may ask you some questions about european culture... (it is for an essay assignment)

If you have the time email me: bonifacio_e@hotmail.com

keep up the good work :)

willipino said...

welcome to dreamworks!

k' said...

Salut Julien. Bon courage pour dreamworks! Passe le bonjour a Ludovic si lui aussi est en formation la-bas.

Samanta Erdini said...

Hola Julien!!
I love your sketchs!!!
Love the blog too!!
Have a nice dayyy


Maude Guesné said...

wahouuu c est super chouette ce que tu fais!