13 June, 2009


I just discover a big pad of Post-it in a drawer.... :)


Desiree Cassidy said...

Love Them!!! :)

abhishek singh said...

i'm a big admirer of your film "octapodi" i thnk it's FAntastic :)
my compliments ,
i came to your blog through few other blogs i was tripping on ,
and finding u here on blog space was really a pleasant surprise and i figure you are here in India, WOW!!
i hope ur enjoying your stay !
big fan of goblins student work and films ,
my regards
btw love the post- it's , nice designs

Roque José said...

very very very good your drawings so much fan of his work here in Brazil

Maveerick Uy said...

wow... it was unique and so simple
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Ahmed Hamdy said...

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