27 June, 2008

Last scribbles in SF

Frogs and crocodiles...


Jackson Dryden said...

I really like the way you push your designs. Well done!

Shawn Boyles said...

These sketches are just gorgeous. Love the designs and movement of the characters. Great stuff.

Francis Vallejo said...

terrific work!

Unknown said...

Que d'éloges!!
Ben c'est normal en même temps tu gères à mort.
Continue comme ca!

Nubian Greene said...

really great stuff

Gilberto Valadares said...

Dude, these alligators were very, very good ... :)

Alexandre Augusto Ferreira said...

Great drawings!!Amazing stuff here!!!

V said...

really nice work. Loved octapodi and now this duel in sunny town!
Glad to have you on the team!:)

Hrishikesh said...

fantastic chrecter designing man & animation is terrific your 2 good :)

Jason Barnes said...

haha, you are truly inspiring. thank you so much for all your amazing works. :)

rotbart said...

great blog... gobelins must be an amazing animationschool.. I met sylvain marc and romain vacher at the 1.sketchingfestival in stralsund and their fantastic artists... I think I`ll go there for or two semester ;)

greetings from hambourg.

Anand Baid said...

Julien Monsieur, just checking out your blog and man am blown away by all the art work. Very inspiring! -

From a cubicle away in India, Andy :)

"TORI CAT" said...

I loved Oktapodi!

I saw your talk that Shelly Page presented at Annecy this year. The Indian Dreamworks programe looks really good.

All the Best wishes,


3d Character Artirst * Photograher said...

haha Frogs
i love frogs
great stuff =)

Ben.Lee said...

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