25 May, 2008

Canal J "Duel à sunny town"...

Short movie directed between February and March 2006, all by myself, for a french TV channel contest.
This was such a good experience! I learned how not to sleep for a month :)


Denver Jackson said...

haha, thats awesome! Loved it! you got a unique animation style. well done.

Emmanuel Briand said...

ah encoremerci pour ton commmentaire c'ets vraiment bien ce que tu fais !!! trop cool allez see you come disent les gens de les etatunis

Nubian Greene said...

was this coloured in ctp?

great this was awesome,i saw it on a gobelins dvd once too.

louis THOMAS said...

honnêtement...mon préféré de cet année là pour canal j!!

Anonymous said...
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Maxime Mary said...

Fabuleux !

Unknown said...

awesome awesome awesome
great stuff

Chris Palmer said...

really, really nice!

Liron Topaz said...

The movie was really charming. You have a really nice blog with very impressive art work.

Agnes Salek said...

Great! I'm working on my own short right now, for which i have about a month and seeing yours is a great inspiration!

Super work on your blog! I'm really glad i found it :D

Meinardas said...

Wow. Great Animation film! It's posible to be on the YOUTUBE or VIMEO? I Have a animation blog http://www.meinardas.blogspot.com and I can post this wonderful animation film :)

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